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Newly diagnosed, but how???

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Hi there

Im new to this website, and to Crohns. Im a 36 year old mother of a 2 1/2 year old son, and my symptoms all showed about 5 months after Id had my son. Up until that point I was very fit and very healthy.

I was 8 months pregnant and still on the squash courts and playing golf, I was 66 kilo's and still in a size 12 and very very happy. About 2 weeks before Ben was born I had routine bloods that showed I was anaemic - on the scale of 1 -16, I was 7, and promptly got taken into hospital for IV Blood transfusion, they managed to get me up to 10 and that enabled me to go through my birth plan as Id hoped.

Ben arrived safe and well, and everything was great, then I slowly started losing weight, I couldnt feed him, I felt rubbish, but more than just baby rubbish there was something else and I couldnt put my finger on it.

Back when I was 16 I had coeliac disease, and had a very unhappy time with it, but by the time I was 21, Id grown out of it, or so I was told by the consultant, and I returned to a normal diet, and my very happy fit lifestyle. I mentioned this to my new GP , who did bloods and It had shown up again, so I started a gluten free diet much to my dismay. One year on I felt no better, although I had gained weight, but the symptons were still the same, bloated, severe cramps, bouts of loose but not diarhoea, but totally uncontrolable. I went private - the consultant did both gastroscopy and endoscopy and it showed coeliac disease, nothing else. He checked for lymphoma - nothing, and then did a dexiscan, and said I had Osteopenia, I had no calcium in my body - another issue!

I was discharged by him and told to get on with it.

Late last year my GP finally got me an NHS Appointment for a colonscopy, and I was then told I had 2 small ulcers in my illeum that were to be biopsied, I got my results confirmed last week!!!! - Crohns disease.

Nobody can tell me how bad it is
Nobody can tell me why this happened or how, what my future holds - Ive been given drugs - Budesonide, which I need to take for the next 3 months and then go for review at the end of July to see if it aleviates the issues I still have
Does anyone else take this drug? - what does it do to you?, Ive read the leaflet that go's with it.

The plus side is before all this kicked off I have put on weight - and actually look a sensible size now, and am a great deal healthier, besides all the tummy trouble.

Anyone out there doing gluten free with crohns, is there anything else I should avoid, the hospital arent interested in looking into further allergies, just give her the drugs and get on with it.

Be good to hear from anyone