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The web site is owned, managed and maintained by Paul, a Crohn’s disease sufferer as a hobby. Paul founded this site so that he could learn more about the workings of the world wide web and that those impacted by Crohn’s disease could find support from a community who understands and can relate to their circumstances.

The author of this website, and the contributors to the forum are NOT medical professionals. Do not alter or start any medications or other remedies without first consulting an appropriately qualified medical professional. The information and views on this website are not from qualified medical professionals, but merely fellow sufferers or friends and family of fellow sufferers offering the benefit of our collective experience.

Crohns-disease.org.uk was established in 2007 as a resource for those who have an inflammatory bowel disease and for the friends and family of those affected. We believe that the more information you have about Crohn’s disease, the better prepared you are for what may lay ahead.

The web site is funded by the site owner. The revenue from the advertisements on each page goes toward the site hosting costs.