Crohn's disease diet

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Those with Crohn’s Disease should only make changes to their diet after taking advice from their gastroenterologist or GP.

It is vital that those who have Crohn’s disease stick to a nutritious diet and avoid any foods that seem to worsen their symptoms. No Crohns disease diet treatment has been proven effective for preventing or treating Crohn’s disease and there are no reliable dietary rules to follow that will improve a sufferer’s symptoms.

It should be noted that does not apply to all people with the Crohn’s, however some people find that their symptoms can be made worse by drinking milk or alcohol, eating hot or fried food.

When the disease is active, remission can be brought about by using simple proteins and fats made into a liquid drink which can be absorbed without further digestion.

Other complications with the illness will bring on other medical advice. For example a diet low in fibre may be advised if there is a narrowing or blockage of the intestine and when food is not being absorbed sufficiently a low fat diet may be recommended.

Without medical advice to the contrary, it is essential for people with Crohn’s disease to eat a balanced diet with a high fibre content. Before undertaking any Crohn’s disease diet to gain weight it is important to stress again that any changes in your diet should be discussed first with your gastroenterologist or GP.

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Coming soon: Crohn's Recipes

We’re currently working on bringing you some recipe ideas that have helped improve symptoms of other patients with Crohn’s.  In the meantime, please post details of any foods that have helped for you on the food and diet board on the forum.

Crohn's disease food suggestions

Everyone with Crohn’s can respond differently to different foods. The choice of food that one eats may have an impact on how bad the Crohn’s symptoms are. Here are some food that Crohn’s sufferers have reported may help them with their flare ups and perhaps reduce their symptoms of Crohn’s:

  • Oily fish/Cod liver oil
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Yogurt
  • Foods low in fibre
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Cooked carrots