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Hi, I've been suffering from a chronic abdominal pain for about 9 months now, i had a colonoscopy back in August and they found ulcers in my Terminal ileum. Since then i have had a barium follow through xray and an MRI of my abdo both of which didn't show anything. They are going to do a capsule camera and an endoscopy next. The consultant i am under thinks it could be crohns, but is reluctant to diagnose me with it because of the medication i would have to take and i don't have all the symptoms for crohns. He thinks the problem could be in my small bowel hence the camera and endoscopy. This is really effecting my life, have have been unable to work since last july and am in constant pain. I am also extremely limited on the things i can eat. The NHS seem to take ages to get through all procedures i need to get an informed diagnosis, is this normal ? Is it difficult to get a full diagnosis of crohns ?

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Hi Rosebud, welcome to the forum. For me they took a biopsy when they did the colonoscopy and that confirmed the diagnosis. I hope you get some clarity soon and if not see if you can be referred to another consultant to get a second opinion.