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Omega 3 Fish Oils

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Hi everyone. I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with Chrohns in 2003. I was extremely ill, in pain and I lost a lot of weight. I was in hospital for about 2 weeks. Since then I have been taking prednisolone and asacol continuously. I began to realise through painful trial and error what foods I have an intolerence too. I couldn't eat anything with yeast extract in nor spirit vinegar and citrus fruits.

However, a few years ago I started taking a 1000mg omega fish oil capsules a day. This was due to reading about omega fats and how they reduce intestinal inflammation. I am not saying that omega 3 is the be-all and end-all as of course there is no cure for Chrohns. But, for 2 years now I have had virtually no diarrhoea or mouth ulcers and I have been really well. Also, amazingly I can seemingly eat what I want which is great. I hope this post is helpful to other sufferers. Regards x

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Thanks Boogie

I've heard some separate buzz about the potential benefits of omega-3 fish oils for Crohn's disease. If anyone has tried this supplement recently or has insights to share on if it worked for them, I'd love to hear them.

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I've been taking cod liver oil capsules every day (when I remember, lols), and while it's not exactly a scientific breakthrough, I swear by them. It's really made a difference for me.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's back in 2003 and had a rough time initially. Loads of pain, weight loss, and a couple of weeks in the hospital. I've been on a few types of medication since then. Figuring out food intolerances was a painful trial and error process. High-fat and processed foods were a big no-no for me.

A few years ago, I read up on omega-3 fats and their benefits for reducing intestinal inflammation, so I started taking cod liver oil capsules. It’s not a cure, but for the past two years, I’ve had virtually no diarrhoea or mouth ulcers. Plus, I can eat pretty much anything now, which is a huge relief!

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