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Hello people!

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Hi, im new to this board I just came across it after googling trying to find an ongoing forum for crohns sufferers in the uk, as most of the other ones i have found are mainly american or are not used that often.  I'd just like to be able to talk to people who actually have the same disease so no what its like.

Im 25, I was diagnosed with crohns disease 5 years ago but had symptoms a few years before that just kept putting off going to the doctors. First I was put on steroids and pentasa which made me feel so much better. Then after tapering off the steroids i had to try azaithoprine (cant remember how u spell it), which didnt work and gave me a really bad back, so then i changed to mercaptopurine which made me feel a bit better for a while but i was sick nearly everyday for a year, so went back on the steroids and am now on methotrexate which i think is ok. Have also been on the pentasa for the whole 5 years, i asked to stop it once because i didnt feel it was doing anything but i was assure/persuaded by the IBD nurse that it was good for the type of crohns that i have.

My crohns is controlled alot on diet, i cant eat any fruit or any vegetables without going into a flare, which really bothers me as i have the most unhealthy diet ever (i also dont eat meat as i dont like it- never have.) i've been to a nutritionist (think thats the name of them- maybe not dunno lol) and i ve spoken to the IBD nurse but neither thinks its a problem that i have such an unheathly diet.

Anyway sorry ive babbled on a bit, but general i feel ok most of the time, but never forget that i have this stupid disease as its constantly there everyday.

Also im doing the crohns and colitis walk in london in may to raise money and awareness, are any of you?? 

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im a new member here , single mum with two kids and really struggling with my crohns pain , taking painkillers to get to sleep atm .

had to go part time with my job and can’t pay the bills , can anyone help me with advice as how to get a little disability benefit to subsidise my family as I’m desperate .

thank you so much