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12 yr old Son with Crohns  


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18 August 2020 8:14 pm  

Hello everyone, I am new here, but in desperate need of some guidance from people 'in the know' about Crohns. My Son was diagnosed a week after his 12th birthday, he was given 6 weeks of Modulen through a nasal tube, which initially seemed to work.

Barium x-ray showed otherwise, still had some inflammation. Now on Month 4 of Budesonide steroids, but down to 1 a day. He missed so much of end of Year 7 at secondary, was trying to do half days, now he is struggling with getting back into a new Year 8. Not many close friends, but a wonderful year tutor.

On a good day, he seems like my Son again. On a bad day, we daren't leave the house. I am divorced from his father, and the kids live with me but see their Dad at weekends. Hence most of the caring and worrying falls on me. Don't think most people understand how it really affects ALL of us.

Consultant says my Son is growing and putting on weight, so they don't want to see him again till December, but I KNOW as his Mother that he's still not as well as they think. He still gets griping stomach pains and for the last 2 days, has had dizzy headaches in the mornings. This Crohns came out of nowhere months ago and its knocked me for six, let alone what its done to my poor Son.

How do we see a light at the end of the tunnel? Many thanks in advance for your help.